Nuova Accademia di Venezia Agency is founded and managed by Venetians

-          Paola Brussa is the Project Manager and Administrative Director
-          Gabriele Reggio is the Knowledge Manager

The Agency operates successfully for 20 years in the organization and support of events and entertainment of the Spectacle.

It is a well structured Agency and it is characterized by reliability and seriousness.

Nuova Accademia di Venezia is specialized to offer a wide range of services:

- Planning and implementation of religious, civil and symbolic Marriages;

- Staging the Musical Entertainment (Renaissance, Baroque, Jazz ,'900',       including the best DJ of the moment);

- Rent of Sound and Light Service;

- Services for events;

- Team Building;

- Parties inspired by Venice and its history, with musicians and people           dressed up in the Venetian nobles like as the Doge, the Dogaressa,             Casanova, Marco Polo and many others;

- Cultural itineraries that take place in the lanes and squares, and where       the guests can visit the city and meet various historical characters that     narrate stories and legends.

It has a wide range of proposals with original solutions and highly effective, able to satisfy the most 'different organizational needs.

Distinguished customers have relied on our expertise and professionalism 'for the organization of their special moments'.