Team Building Incentive


Treasure hunt in search of the "Doge" 
  Treasure hunt, searching for "Casanaova" 
Team Building "Kitchen" 
Team Building "Treasure Hunt" 
Team Building "Dragon Boat" 
Team Building "Paintball" 
Team Building "Decoration Masks" 
Team Building "Theatrical" 
Team Building "Minuet and Dance"


The team building the New Academy of Venice were born to give the opportunity 'to our customers to mix three main factors: fun, creativity' and competition.

We tested the team building activity with 'Venice oriented, designed for corporate customers and agencies convention. Very interesting are those that allow you to learn the dance the minuet, or create your own imaginative papier mache masks, or even play the main characters of a plot of the Commedia dell'arte theater, or play with some watercolors views of Venice by Venetian painters of the principal, or to perform with various musical instruments and create a small orchestra.

Our projects involve groups of people in exciting challenges and tests, different in kind, supported by a highly qualified staff.
Everything 'allows members of a team working to prove themselves in adventures and creative testing, better skills' relationships and fostering teamwork.
We have not closed or maximum number of components for participation in Team Building, because we divide the group into teams and each team will be 'followed by a master of the art in question.