Wedding Love




Do you want to organize a memorable surprise for your loved one?

Do you want to give a touch of originality to a moment of your marriage to make it even more magical?

For a he or a she wants to reserve your partner a special time to devote only two of you.

We will advise you and arrange surprises and ideas to surprise your partner and make your special romantic special moment.

We Provide: Musician surprise; Violinist - String Trio - Guitarist Gondola tour, actor in costume throwing petals or door bottle of champagne etc..

Everything will be taken by our Video man so you can relive this magical moment of love.






We propose the marriage and symbolic design, along with the bride and groom, the ritual of their marriage "made to measure" by the choice of ceremonies in black dress or costume doge or casanova, the selection of musical repertoire, the composition of the readings and the promises of the couple, the wedding ceremony and verp own.

We cater for all brides and grooms and wedding planners, in search of a symbolic ritual exciting, celebrated with the soul, where the words you say and you listen to are such as to impress in the memory, and the rings that are exchanged are a tender gesture like a caress.

Ideal for couples who want to share their union restricted to a few close friends, spouse they want, after years of marriage, to renew their marriage vows.

The master of ceremonies is available to celebrate in: Italian, English, French, Spagolo.It will be released in tribute the Marriage Certificate