Venetian Entertainment

Le Virtuose Veneziane


Complex female dressed in period referring to the style of the famous Pieta of Putte school run by Antonio Vivaldi Red Priest said, in very different configurations from trio to quartet to give us the small orchestra, the group with just strings and woodwinds or brass, to nellesecuzione compositions of the Venetian school: Vivaldi, Marcello, Lotti, Galuppi, Albinoni, Platt etc. without neglecting other composers of European school. Now available in the contemporary version in a directory style rondo veneziano

Gondolieri "Grand Canal"


Complex vocal and instrumental artists from a minimum of 3-4 to a maximum of 10, it exhibits itinerant or fixed location in the execution of famous barcaroles, and songs lagoon and international

Araldi Trombettieri

Appointed by the Doge as a point of reference on the bow or on the porch of Bucintoro ducal palace. Heralds the opening of an exhibit now running in event and concert of music by Gabrieli and Monteverdi

Minuetto Veneziano

Animation and dance show with live accompaniment of a string quartet or other training Baroque. In addition to the show the dancers will engage the public in a sort of collective dance

Commedia dell'Arte


The Comedy of the art, is a unique theatrical form of Italian culture in the streets dItalia born in 500, when itinerant troupe, staged situations of daily life, taking as inspiration the most characteristic figures of each country. Usually the characters on which it is made irony are: Harlequin, Pantalone, Colombina, Pulcinella, then known throughout the world.

The Comedy of the art, theater and popular dialect, never made use of written texts, but of mere canvas on which the actors improvise and rehabilitation in different circumstances, inventing a new style of acting: the mimicry


Venezia e il Cinema


Many directors have chosen the world famous lagoon city as art films of the most important films. We propose the most beautiful soundtracks performed live, with the projection of the most beautiful scenes of Venice and the most famous films in the world.

The Plays of Casanova

Not legend but true story that in 700 there were several gambling houses in Venice and gambling was tolerated by the authorities of the Venetian Republic. Avid player / punter it was Giacomo Casanova who was a frequent visitor of the famous "low" salt adjacent to the majestic buildings used for gambling. After thorough research we present anew the fun of gambling in the reconstruction of the original faithfully: Biribissi, lot real game of mea, snakes and ladders, various games of cards and various games with cards. We can arrange everything according to the demands of your guests: individual game, team play, game points, game prize etc..

Venetian market


Demonstration of ancient arts and crafts glass of Murano, Burano lace, oars and oarlocks, portraitist and caricaturiste, masks 
Wherever we can prepare the traditional Venetian market, where anyone potr savor the beauty of glassmaking in Murano, Burano lace or lace, the craftsman who builds the oars and oarlocks (oarlocks) for the boats of the Venetian lagoon, a painter in costume that is running portraits and caricatures the defendants, and the "mascherer" that achieves its typical masks in papier-mâché or leather, all wearing traditional costumes. 
We can also recreate a typically Venetian with scenes of ancient Venice.


Lounge of Venice


In Venice light and water mix together and create magic. In Venice, it confuses the boundaries: between dream and reality, between past and present

We propose the time of the Doges of Venice Venice, by appearing in costumeDoge, Dogaressa, Nobili, whores etc. ..

Carnival in Venice and the current world's most famous, with masks of fancy.