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Music and Show Entertainment

Venice String Quartet


The String Quartet is a group of professionals performers who play classical repertoire music, contemporary music and film soundtracks.
The Quartet holds concerts in private events, gala dinners, weddings and other events.
They have collaborated for many years with the Nuova Accademia di Venezia and they have hundred concerts a year and tours in Italy and abroad.
Venice String Quartet can be enriched with additional musicians to form small string orchestras.
The group performs in elegant dresses or in 18th century costumes.


Ensamble  "Caffè Concerto Venezia"

The group is made up of professional musicians who have the same passion for the music and cinema. Their instruments are: Electric Piano, Accordion, Sax, Violin and Double Bass. Caffè Concerto Venezia has a repertoire that ranges from music by the great Italian masters to foreign ones such as: Nino Rota, Morricone, Piovani, Frank Sinatra and many others. Nuova Accademia di Venezia has created a unique and original show with the projection of the best scenes of the films during the performance of the Ensamble.


Duo M & M

The Acoustic duo, composed of guitar and voice, offers live repertoires of all musical genre: swing, bossa nova, pop rock,  light music, 70s-80s dance music, group dances, American Latin and more.

Their music is perfect for aperitifs, cocktails, events and weddings.


Our Burlesque dancers entertain the spectators with a show that enhancing the art of conquest.
Spectators will be enchanted and seduced by small and refined movements.
The show will be elegant and never vulgar.

Quintetto Jazz 2.png

Dj Set

Our Dj Set is made up of professionals who manage and realize all kind of events with innovation and maximum availability.
Djs perform in conventions, aperitifs, weddings, gala dinners and birthday parties, with their musical background ranging from commercial music, house, 70s / 80s / 90s revival and much more.

Jazz Group

​The Jazz Group is made up of versatile professional musicians in the jazz field. Each member has collaborated with international renowned artists.
They are strong to animate events and different types of evenings and they can create an elegant background music or embellish refined and particular occasions.
The Jazz Group formation can be formed by a Trio or a Quartet of musicians.

Cafè Chantant Itinerant

The Trio Cafè Chantant is a small traveling ensemble of solo musicians, which performs musical entertainment for events in different locations.
The trio is a reduced formation about the Orchester in San Marco Square and plays a classic and modern repertoire, soundtracks and many famous songs from all the cities of the world.
The instruments available are: violin, double bass and classical guitar.



Artisti di Strada, Animazione e  Altro




Giocolieri, sputafuoco, trampolieri, fachiri, contorsionisti, acrobati, clown, comici, cabarettisti, maghi, cartomanti, danzatrici del ventre, 

animatori di feste per grandi e piccoli, burattinai, spettacoli circensi.

Caricaturisti, body painting 

Gruppi folkloristici di ogni genere 

Sbandieratori, cori, bande, complessi regionali 



- Gruppi Brasiliani Argentini,Spagnoli
- Pittore Vedutista
- Spettacoli pirotecnici e giochi   d'acqua
- Spettacolo camerieri pazzi
- Barman acrobatico 
- Realizzazione discoteca
- Realizzazione Sfilate di moda 
- Modelli e Modelle 
- Hostess   
- Presentatori, vallette, soubrette  
- Comparse
- Sosia
- Testimonial (attori,cantanti, sportivi)
- Personaggi famosi e le loro band (Albano, Toto Cotugno, Bocelli; Katia Ricciarelli, Laura Pausini, ecc)



- Arpista
- Pianista Solista
- Violinista Solista
- Caricaturista
- Mago Micromagia e Illusionista 





Three Tenors

In 1996, the artistic director of Nuova Accademia di Venezia, Fabio Reggio, created a concert for three tenors and piano.
The proposal was so successful that today the three tenors of Venice have played many concerts in Italy and abroad, with orchestra and piano. The excursus studiorum of each tenor (Conservatory Diploma and Masters), and their vocal skills allow versatility, breadth of repertoire and particular timbral combinations.

Italian Opera

The city of Venice was a very important pole for the diffusion of Opera, indeed the first public opera house, was the San Cassiano theater (opened in Venice in 1637).
Our musical program focuses on the selection of arias and duets of the most famous opera repertoire. The artists interact with the public.
Soprano and Tenor, are accompanied by the piano or by the Venice String Quartet
with a repertoire of opera arias and well-known pieces. The interpreters have extraordinary skill.


Harmony Swing

​All the ensembles (from the Trio to the Jazz Sextet) are formed by professional musicians from the world of Classical Jazz who base their performances on a repertoire composed of the most beautiful melodies of the great American composers of the 20th Century (George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Hoagy Carmichael) and on the wonderful and timeless Standards Jazz / Swing Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra.

thumbnail_Cantante On The Air.jpg

Quartet "ON THE AIR"

Electric piano, male singer, trumpet and drums.
This band was born with the intention of reviving today the songs from the 1950s with the same enthusiasm. The group made up of musicians with experience in live performances, coming from well-known bands in the music scene.
The repertoire is made up of all the beautiful swing music for listening and dance.
An elegant and unique entertainment.


Old Peppers Jazz Band

Old Peppers Jazz Band is a band dedicated to interpretation the traditional jazz of the American "roaring years".
The atmospheres of New Orleans are respected with the use of some original instruments of the time.
With the sound of the Old Peppers you can breathe the sounds of the Mississippi Blues, Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller, Bix Beiderbecke and other giants of the early 20th century and the first postwar period.
The Old Peppers Jazz Band can cheer up any event, both itinerant and fixed, with its repertoire.

Big Band

​Big Band "F.O." is an ensemble of wind instruments, rhythm and voice.
The band was founded in 1989 by a group of musicians from Verona and through time has been expanded with the presence of professionals musicians from various parts of Italy.
During their concerts, Big Band "F.O." plays music from the 1930s to today and various musical genres such as swing, jazz, South American rhythms, funky and music known to the public.
The musical program consists of a set of pieces of different style and genre, which are chosen every time for different occasion and location.

Music Play

Band made up of 3 or 4 elements, live music, with a vast Italian and foreign repertoire, from the 70s - 80s to the present day.
It is possible to have a double performance
1st part: swing listening music
2nd part: dance music


Candido Sax

We propose the performance for any occasion of the solo saxophone.
The Venetian Master Fabio Reggio performs with 2 unique white instruments.
Music to dream with the magical notes of a white saxophone.
New age, Evergreen, Ballade, Classic, Romance, Soundtracks and Light music.


Close Up Magician

The "Close Up Magician" is a delightful Micro Magic Show. 
Lots of fun and enchanting sleights of hand.
The public will be involve and will become the protagonist and victim of the games.
Micro Magic Show is the most modern form of entertainment.
The show is perfect for gala dinners, conventions, congresses, weddings, anniversaries, corporate and private parties.
The  games and numbers proposed will be choice in relation to the age and needs of the audience to whom the show will be addressed.

Roulette 3 - Fujitsu.jpg

Casino Party

Green tables, personalized chips, croupiers, roulette, poker and black jack: everything you need to have fun like at the casino without spending real money.
The exchange currency consists of specially printed fake banknotes.
An amazing entertainment that can last as long as guests want.

Silhuette doppia.jpg


The Silhouettist offers guests her "shadow sculpture"or a silhouette in black cardboard created instantly.
The originality and speed of execution make this entertainment appropriate for many situations.
Whether the guests are seated at the table or traveling, the Silhouettist helps to create small emotions and the memory of a moment.

Medieval Group


Shows from the past with a medieval atmosphere are proposed, combining culture and entertainment.
The main protagonists are the Jester, the Jugglers, Mangiafuoco, Vox Maiorum young musicians who perform itinerant and the Waders.

Neapolitan Serenade

The Neapolitan Serenade, performed by Claudio and Diana, is an ancient and noble art, born many years ago and carried out by storytellers who stopped at the table telling love stories, betrayal and passion in music.
Our Neapolitan Serenade preserves this ancient tradition, respecting the intensity of the lyrics and the magnificence of the music.
We try to propose a Serenade in its cheerful and engaging aspect, capable of transmitting emotions and communicating feelings.
The repertoire could be match perfectly with a ceremony where you want to give a traditional and elegance touch.
During the Serenade we can alternate love songs with more cheerful and engaging melodies, such as the infinite repertoire of the great Carosone or the fantastic Tarantella.
The peculiarity and beauty of this repertoire is that it is performed acoustically,  creating an intimate atmosphere and ensuring guests a unique experiences.

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