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Musical Entertainment and Venetian Shows

Le Virtuose Veneziane 

The female ensemble in epoch costume, in different formations: trio, string quartet, small orchestra, group with strings and winds instruments or solo winds instruments.
The complex performs in the execution of Venetian's compositions: Vivaldi, Marcello, Lotti, Galuppi, Albinoni, Platti ecc.

Gondolieri "Grand Canal"

Vocal and instrumental ensemble composed of a minimum of 3-4 artists to a maximum of 10. The ensemble can perform while traveling or in a fixed place.
The performance consists of famous Barcarole, Venetian and international songs.

Araldi Trumpet Player

The Araldi trumpet players can open an event with their music and play in the concert with music by Gabrieli and Monteverdi.

Minuetto Veneziano

Entertainment and dance show with live accompaniment of a string quartet or other baroque formation. The dancers usually involve the spectators in a collective dance.

Commedia dell'Arte

The Commedia dell'Arte is a theatrical form typical of Italian culture that was born in Italian squares in the 1500s.
The best-known characters of the commedia dell’arte are: Arlecchino, Pantalone, Colombina, Pulcinella. These characters are known all over the world.

Venezia e il Cinema

Many internationally renowned directors have chosen Venice as the scenic design for their films.
We offer you the most beautiful soundtracks played from live, with the projection of the best scenes from films.

I Giochi di Casanova 

We suggest you the fun of gambling: Biribisso, Lotto reale, Gioco della mea, Giochi dell'oca and various play cards.
We can organize everything according to the requests of your guests: individual game, team game, game with final prize etc.

Mercato veneziano

The Venetian Market is a demonstration of the ancient arts and crafts of the city.
We can set up the traditional Venetian market where anyone can enjoy the beauty of the handmade Murano glass and Burano lace, the craftsman who builds the oars for the boats, a costumed painter who performs portraits and caricatures to the participants, and the "mask" who makes his typical papier-mâché or leather masks.

Salotto Veneziano

We propose the "Venezia Serenissima" of the times of the Doges, I Mori di Venezia and the Valletti del Doge with costumed actors: Doge, Dogaressa, Nobili, Courtesans etc .
We also propose the current Venice with the most famous Carnival in the world, with its magnificent masks.

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