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Musical Entertainment and Shows

Venice String Quartet

Venice String Quartet is the result of of chamber music and concert of its members, united by the desire to continue the prestigious Italian quartet tradition.
The Quartet devotes his attention, in addition to the basic repertoire for string quartet, also a repertoire of scores.
The quartet as well as offering concerts, concerts held in private events, gala dinners, weddings etc..
For many years he has worked closely with the New Academy of Venice, and have a surplus of one hundred concerts a year, they toured in Italy and abroad.
Venice String Quartet is often enriches the collaboration of other musicians, to meet the demands of music, forming small string orchestras.
Performing in stylish dress and even in the Period Costume '700.

Ensamble  "Caffè Concerto Venezia"

The group is made ​​up of professional musicians that have the same passion for music and the cinema.
They come with: Electric Piano, Accordion, Saxophone, Violin, Double Bass.
They have a particular repertoire performing music of the great masters of Italian and Foreign, such as Nino Rota, Morricone, Piovani, etc..
The New Academy of Venice has created a show unique and original; by projecting the most famous images of the films with the background of live music played by 'Ensemble.



Minstrels Venetians are musicians and singers of Italian folk music. 
Accompanied by their tools, and know how to enchant with their melodies of songs. 
Characteristic to serenades and romantic music. 
Their repertoire was enriched by songs of Italian and foreign music


The Burlesque Today, it is first and foremost a form of entertainment fun. 
The dancers enchant the audience from the walk, from the look, the way to pull out a glove or a sock (strictly ups) and reveal the'' art of conquest through a clever use of mischief and good humor. 
A seduction naughty but definitely elegant and never vulgar. 
The lights go out ... the sound of a music box and the center of the room here are the first girls who start to slowly create a sensual atmosphere in Venice.



Candido Sax

We propose the performance of the saxophone soloist for any occasion.The Venetian master Fabio Reggio performs with 2 unique tools white in color, as well as his clothing.On occasion presents itself in a duet with lead singer and eventual ballet choreography.Music to dream by the magical notes of a white saxophone

• New Age

• Evergreen

• Ballade

• Classic

• Romance

• Soundtrack

• Pop music

Only and only for your best moments 

Street Artists, Entertainment and More 




Jugglers, fire-eaters, stilt walkers, fakirs, contortionists, acrobats, clowns, entertainers, comedians, magicians, fortune tellers, belly dancers, 

entertainers for parties large and small, puppeteers, circus shows. 

Cartoonist, body painting 

Folk groups of all kinds 

Flag-wavers, choirs, bands, complex regional 



- Groups Brazilians Argentines, Spaniards 

- Painter vedutista 

- Firework displays and water features 

- Entertainment waiters crazy 

- Bartender acrobatic 

- Realization disco 

- Creation Fashion Shows 

- Models 

- Hostess 

- Presenters, valleys, soubrette 

- Extras 

- Impersonator 

- Testimonial (actors, singers, athletes) 

- Famous people and their band (Albano, Toto Cotugno, Bocelli, Katia Ricciarelli, Laura Pausini, etc.) 



- Harpist 

- Pianist Soloist 

- Violinist Soloist 

- Caricaturist 

- Magician and Illusionist Micromag





Dj Set

Team DJ, is a self-organized group of professionals who manage, implement all kinds of events in an innovative way, providing maximum availability of the convention of marriage, from a gala dinner at the birthday party. The Team DJ, also provides its own service sound and lighting, to create a real disco atmosphere Proposing, commercial music, house, etc. 70/80/90 revival years.

Medieval Group

Reenactment medieval atmosphere, with shows from the past, combining culture and entertainment. 
Jester, jugglers, fire eaters, Vox Maiorum young musicians who perform pitches until you get to Waders ..... everything that makes the show.

Music Play

Band 3 or 4 elements, live music, with a vast repertoire, Italian and foreign music 70s - 80s to the present day.
Possibility of having a dual performance:
Part 1 listening music swing
2nd part of dance music

Our instrumentation

The Three Tenors


In the ' summer of 1996 was commissioned by the artistic director of the New Academy of Venice, Fabio Reggio , a concerto for three tenors and piano.

The idea was born, obviously and admittedly , on the ' wave of success ( the dimensions of which were initially unthinkable for them ) of ' exceptional initiative of the three tenors par excellence , namely the great interpreters Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras . A whimsical and nice initiative designed to last the ' espace d ' un matin.

With pleased surprise , the proposal was so successful that today the three tenors of Venice have to their credit many concerts in Italy and all 'foreign , both with orchestra with piano. " The educational background of each standard ( Conservatory Diploma and after completion of masters ) , the full-bodied and qualified personal curricula ( in parallel play solo activity for own account) and varied vocal characteristics allow versatility , breadth of repertoire and particular combinations of timbre .


Opera all'Italiana


The city of Venice was an important center for the dissemination of the work in music, because it's in Venice, with the opening of the first public opera house, the Teatro San Cassiano (1637), that this kind of art is revealed wherever practicable and no longer intended for an elite of intellectuals and aristocrats, acquires the character of intrattenimentoIl music program comprises a selection of arias, duets among the most famous operatic repertoire represented in a scenic and artists interact with the public. 
The performers of extraordinary skill, Soprano, Tenor are accompanied by piano, or a baroque ensemble.



Harmony Swing

All Formations (from Trio Jazz Sextet up to) Fabio Reggio are formed by professionals from the world of Jazz Classical basing their performances both on a repertoire consisting of the most 'beautiful melodies of the great American composers of the 900 (George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Hoagy Carmichael) and the wonderful and timeless Jazz Standards / Swing Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, etc..

Big Band

The Big Band "FO " is an ensemble of wind instruments, rhythm and voice.
Founded in 1989, is composed of professionals from various parts of Italy. The Big Band , which was originally formed in Verona has become increasingly consolidating both numerically and artistically.
During the concert the Big Band "FO ." Aims to present a chronological overview of the literature developed in this century for the formations of this type , from the 30s until today, touching on various genres of music , from swing to jazz to South American rhythms , to funky , to the elaboration of themes familiar to most of the public, thus offering both the original repertoire arrangements and compositions created specifically for the Big Band .
The musical program of Big Band is composed of a set of songs by style, genre and historical setting different , which are from time to time chosen and included in the program of the concert based on the characteristics of the place, the public and the circumstances in which the Big Band is playing.

Jazz Group

Formation, consisting of versatile professional musicians armed with a consolidated experience in jazz. Each of the components has collaborated with artists of international renown, the pillars of groups who tread the stages most applauded. 
Now That Jazz is a creative project that aims to bring back, with unusual arrangements, the sounds of the repertoire of the most popular groups in the history of jazz. 
We animate Events and Evenings with different purposes: as an elegant background for your usual clientele or to embellish special occasions. 
It 'a new Ensemble that translates into un'articola proposal: Trio or Quartet of musicians.

Cafè Chantant Itinerant

The Trio Cafe Chantant is a small ensemble of musicians itinerant soloists, that is running musical entertainment for events in different places and situations.
The trio is the formation of a small band of Coffee Piazza San Marco, with a classical / modern, soundtracks, songs, ever green and many famous songs of all cities in the world.
Violin, accordion and classical guitar.

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